Andis Phat Master Clipper Perfect for Barbering & Styling

For the purpose of fading, outlining, cutting and tapering your hair the popular Andis Phat Master is an excellent product for you manufactured by the Andis Company. The persons who prefer to cut their hair at home, beauticians and barbers are very well aware of Andis’s reputation in the market today. If you love to create a unique hair design then this product is for you, made to last for a long period of time.
Andis t outliner
Every time, the Phat master makes cutting extremely sharp and precise. Not just this, it is fully adjustable for all hair types and delivers the perfectly desired effect you wish to possess.

No doubt, the hair clipper is ideal for all around styling and cutting. It is extensively designed to cut longer hair lengths and its revolutionary blade design eliminates the need for multiple clipper blades and various attachment combs.

Prior to make a final purchasing decision, caste a glance at some of the professional features of Phat master that contributes a lot in its effective working:

•    It offers great preciseness in cutting to attain an everlasting finish by eradicating the use of attachments that can break or slip. Thus, you can simply focus on your work without any bothering repercussions.

•    This single lever adjusts clipper blades from # 1 A to # 2 and comes standard with a non slip better grip feature that cuts higher up on the head.

•    With its powerful master magnetic motor, it produces 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. It also offers smoother blending without any steps that may often arises when using attachment combs.

•    After each use, it only requires blades cleaning and routine oiling which means there is very little maintenance required with these fine quality clippers.

•    During operation, there is a side switch that provides the ability to use one hand only and so you can imagine the convenience it provides.

The mentioned above are just some of the characteristics and many more you will be able to experience after owning this outstanding clipper. What do you think? Isn’t it a great way to get elegant hair style than visiting beauty salon? If so, go ahead.

Do some research and find an online store that boasts amazing deals and offers for you. Hopefully, now you will be able to make an informed choice. Get ready to swank a crazy hair statement!